WIP Thursday (7/9) Space Travel has Down Time

Lots of down time. FTL is great, but unless your entire story is blink of an eye travel, you gotta deal with getting from one place to another. An hour or so later Steve walked into the common area, Naomi and Lori were on their second pot of coffee, “Morning all.” He rubbed his dark brown hair then ran his hand down his face. He looked at the two women, their eyes boring holes inLori looked up, “Good morning to you too.” Something in the way she said those five words caused Steve to blush. He quickly turned away, reaching into the cupboard to grab first one, then a second coffee cup.Jax walked in, “Morn—“ Steve shoved a cup of coffee at him.Both women turned their stares from Steve to…

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Meet the Osprey

I’ve been working on the first book in a new series. If you love Wil and the crew of the Ghost, you’ll love Jax and the Osprey! While Wil has the crew of lean on, Jax has his mechanical friends. The Osprey is a Valerian Coop scout ship. She’s meant for speed, and running away from fights, but don’t let Jax, or the ship’s AI, Skip hear you say that. I’m working with the same artist who envisioned the Ghost to bring the Osprey to life. I can’t wait to see more of her! It’s fun to collaboratively design a starship.

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I don’t own a laptop anymore

For the first time in twenty-odd years, I don’t own a laptop. This past weekend, I fedex’ed my MacBook Air (With the shitty keyboard. Thanks, Tim Cook) back to apple for trade-in credit on a Mac Mini. The Mac Mini is great, it’s way more powerful than the MacBook Air, which is a plus, but wasn’t super necessary outside of making video editing and possibly running my upcoming online conferences easier. I really liked the Air, except for it’s keyboard. I bought it knowing it wasn’t outrageously powerful, which for conference organizing and writing was just fine. Except the keyboard made writing agonizing. keys would repeat, keys would not activate, all randomly and never the same behavior in a row, so my manuscripts would be riddled with repeated words, wrong…

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Welcome Expedition Inc. to the Family

I’ve alluded to it in my newsletter, and I’ve started setting up the back end stuff (Like the Newsletter link to opt into Expedition Inc. Specific news) I’ve just received book 1 back from the editor and am prepping it for ARC readers (want to be one? Sign up). This is a bit of a departure while staying in my zone. I don’t want to give away too much, but if you like the dynamic of the crew of the Ghost, you’ll love the Expedition Inc. Team. Expedition inc. is set on Earth just a little bit in the future. I’m aiming for more action adventure than scifi. I’m aiming to launch Expedition Inc. #1 – Island of Secrets sometime in the fall.

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